• No recorded cases of bloat
  • Crude protein as high as 22.1%
  • Relative feed values up to 182
  • Excellent palatability - cows selectively grazed for it!

In a Mississippi State University cattle study, daily live weight gains were recorded on cattle grazing a mixture of Frosty berseem clover and Lonestar annual rygrass. Frosty extended the grazing period and lowered nitrogen costs by 14%! Cattle grazing the ryegrass+berseem mix gained 0.87 lbs/day more than the straight ryegrass with commercial fertilizer. In the subsequent trial the grass following the Frosty plots showed an increases in growth and quality.




In trials at MSU Deer Lab in Mississippi 2014-2015, no other clover drew in the deer like Frosty Berseem. Frosty attracted four times more deer than the next leading competitor!

Planting Frosty in your food plot will help establish it as a favorite food source, and keep them coming back for more due to its:

  • excellent palatability - they seek it out among other food options
  • quality protein as high as 22.1% which builds body mass and rack size
  • feed value up to 182 contributing to healthy deer and healthy offspring

Frosty Berseem Clover in Mississippi, approximately 60 days after planting.  The deer were really hitting the clover outside the exclusion cage!

Frosty emerges quickly from the ground making it ideal for hunters looking for a clover to hunt over. With adequate moisture, Frosty will be drawing in deer as quick as 45 days after planting. In recent trials at Mississippi State University, Frosty and FIXatioN balansa clover placed #1 and #2 for drawing in deer. Frosty puts out plenty of forage early in the season and keeps on growing well into summer. With crude protein levels exceeding 20%, Frosty is perfect for growing big, healthy deer.

Frosty Berseem Clover grows rapidly when temperatures exceed 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Frosty has shown excellent performance attracting wildlife throughout its life-cycle. Frosty can be planted by itself or in combination with oats and/or FIXatioN balansa clover.

Miss H. happily posing in her daddy's food plot in MS

Proof that deer can't get enough of Frosty berseem clover!

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As seen in QDMA.

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Nutritious forage for dairy cows. Nutritional forage for deer and other wildlife

SUCRASEED pasture mixes combine Frosty with scientifically proven High Sugar Grass varieties to provide the highest quality nutrition for livestock and wildlife.

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